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    Question WIN 7 Pro PC and Homegroup. Failure.

    I have a newly refurbished WIN7 Pro x64 PC which can find the network and most (if not all) nodes but which cannot join an existing homegroup nor start a homegroup which other PCs can find.

    One of the other PCs is also a WIN7 Pro x64 (Let's call it 'A") and the second is a WIN7 x32 Home Premium. I can create a home group on 'A'. It will be seen by the Premium and the premium will be invited to join and can join. The second Pro (let's call it 'B') can be invited to join B's homegroup but always the result is an error message saying that this computer cannot join a homegroup.

    I can delete the existing homegroup and then create a homegroup from B. Then neither other machine even get invited to B's homegroup.

    Where to go now?

    One note, I do have ZoneAlarm Extreme Security on the system. It has never interfered with networking before and I have tested to see if turning off ZA would cause a different result. It did not. Although ZA does limit IPV6 to some extent. Still, the other PCs work fine.
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