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    folder on desktop

    When Using WnXP in order to reduce the clutter on the desktop I used to put shortcuts to programs of similar nature (e.g. image processors) in simplified folders on the desktop,
    Now I migrated to WIN 7 and when creating a folder on the desktop I am unable to reduce it to a single caudrangular pane in which to put the short cuts.
    Any ideas in order to solve this porblem? Thanks in advance, Atila Gosztonyi

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    How are you attempting to create the folders? Are you right clicking and selecting New > Folder?

    cheers, Paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by goszto View Post
    ...I migrated to WIN 7 and when creating a folder on the desktop I am unable to reduce it to a single caudrangular pane in which to put the short cuts...
    If by "a single caudrangular pane" you mean a new folder on the Desktop, then you only need to right-click on the desktop then left-click on "new folder".

    Otherwise I have no idea what you mean by "a single caudrangular pane", since "caudrangular" does not seem to be defined any dictionary available to me.
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    This sound suspiciously like Fences by Stardock.

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    I think I know what this is about: "caudrangular" probably means "quadrangular", which is perfectly correct (four sided), but we would likely use "rectangular" to mean the angles are all 90. Goszto is probably used to being able (in XP) to create a customised view for the folder, eg:
    XP.png and have views of other folders unaffected. However, it seems that in W7 any 'tweaks' to a folder's view affects all others, so that if I create this view of a folder on my W7 desktop (getting rid of all I can - if anyone knows how to hide the unwanted buttons, please let me know):
    small.png then when I next open 'My Computer', this is what I get:
    small computer.png when what I want is this:
    computer.png. But when I have re-instated all the details that I want for My Computer, when i next open my desktop folder, I get:
    default.png and i am back to square one.

    I don't use W7 much, so haven't spent any time trying to over come this, but if anyone knows how to make an individual view stick for just that folder, please let us know.

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