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    Unhappy Win 7 Pro 64-bit Major Crash

    Some weird things happening as I look to see if there's anything I can recover. I'm seeing no files dated in 2015. That's about the same date I started using iDrive for online backup. Ever since then I was seeing the folders added to the root folder on various drives (folder names: barcode, DownloadFile, and Lang). And when looking into several of the recovered folders (using EaseUS Data recovery software), some files are there, but no files after the end of May 2014. That's about the time I did a clean install of Win 7 Pro 64-bit. I also used EaseUS' Partition Master to adjust the size of some of my partitions. I remember seeing something about GPT disks, but don't remember the warning message. Right now trying to decide if I want to mess with Win 7 or go back to Win XP which worked for me for over 12 years - and wait for Win 10 - maybe; and that's a big maybe.

    So this means I'm either having to start all over or maybe recover enough to start back at June 2014. Seven months of work gone!

    Yes, I did online backup using iDrive, but had so many problems with the program just last week I decided to remove everything pertaining to iDrive and it's backups and start over. Didn't realize I was about to have the worst crash I've ever experienced since starting with PCs in 1980.

    Just for reference, I have two physical drives. Each drive has multiple partitions. Drive C contains the OS and any other programs that don't allow custom installation. All other programs go on drive D. Files I create go on other partitions according to what they are.

    Anyone got any suggestions?

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    I would be very surprised if you had no recent files unless you were saving everything to idrive.
    To see if your computer has more recent files - as opposed to your files - do the following:
    Start > Run > %temp%
    This will open Explorer and show you the working files of Windows. Look for recent files.

    Have you searched for files by name rather than date? Maybe the clock is being weird.

    cheers, Paul

    p.s. I you have to re-install, stick with W7, it's much better than XP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul T View Post
    ...If you have to re-install, stick with W7, it's much better than XP.
    Second that Paul.

    Also, OP should not make changes to the HDD. Put it aside, re-install Win7 to a new HDD, then look at how files might be recovered from the old HDD.
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