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    Post Directory Mail Merge


    I have sample data to create into Account Statement records.
    There is a complex layout to the Statement Document - that MUST be maintained.
    For each account statement - the no of line items could vary depending on the account usage - ie no of rows in data source per key field record is variable.

    I have tried to follow the steps provided in your tutorial - but the output isn't quite what I expected.
    I think I do not understand the concept too well - hence failing to apply.

    Could you assist? (Data source and mail doc are confidential - can't post them here).
    Any other way I can share the same confidentially?

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    Without seeing documents demonstrating the difference between what you expect and what you are getting, there is no way anyone could possibly advise. In any event, we don't need to see anything confidential - just documents that demonstrate the issues (a mailmerge main document containing all the mergefields & formatting you're using would be required).

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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