I've updated from Office 2007 to Office 365 only to find that one of my most valued features, auto dialling my contacts from Outlook, will not work. Selecting a contact then clicking the telephone symbol used to dial that person's telephone number. With Office 365 Outlook it opened Skype. After spending nearly 2 hours online with a Microsoft Help person we managed to change it from opening Skype to doing absolutely nothing! After another 15 or so minutes I was told that the facility to auto dial was no longer available. Does anyone know if this is correct, and if not, how to obtain this feature in Outlook 365 (2013)?

In the meantime, I have reverted to Outlook 2007. The auto dialling still works fine in that so the problem is not with Windows 7 or my modem.

If this feature has been deliberately removed, is there any way to register an objection to the Office development team to encourage them to re-include it?