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    Linked table from Access to Excel. Not all data updated.

    Hi, I am sorry, if the question was already asked before.

    I have a linked table in Excel from Access. I can see all my data there, but in one column I see the same result for all rows, while in Access results are different.

    I tried to avoid the problem by creating and linking to new query in Access, where the data will be just pulled from another queries. Did not help at all.

    I have to linked tables with the same problem, in the first one, the data I want to see is a number, in the second one it is text. But in both cases it was initially calculated in Access.

    Do you know how to fix it? Thank you!

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    Can you be more explicit about how you linked the Access table into Excel, and can you also describe in general terms what you want to do with the data once you have it in Excel? The most common method for getting Access data in Excel is to export the data from Access to Excel. The problem with linking Access data to Excel is that a conversion to Excel data formats has to occur, and also that the data may change in Access since it is multi-user.

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