The more time using this, the more well-liked it has become:

This multiple Desktops Feature is, IMHO, terrific! I have been using it since the onset. Have mucked about w/ how things were done & structured, over time. The way it's been configured recently is kewl & works well. Not only are things neatly organized & grouped BUT...

It's great (now) how can flit about from 1 thing to another SO quickly & easily, solely working from the Taskbar... once set up not having to use Task View... can, actually, get @ whatever using the Taskbar IE icon... and a clever use of Snap and Pinned Apps; even can bring or see any APPs on each Desktop this way. And now APPs can be moved from one Desktop to another. Sure makes conducting activities including work, simple & efficient. Add to this having an Applications window on the Taskbar, and opening Start & or going through its All Apps list is very rarely necessary.

Apps window.JPG