I have looked @ the new Clock & Calendar. Here are some shots to show my point as to why I prefer the existing to the new. W/ the existing one can have 3 time zones showing. One can either > Sys Tray & see all 3 written OR clk there & Calendar & 3 clocks show all in one place, one location, one motion. And a nice size, btw.

W/ the new, to have additional times zones, it can be done, even more than 3 BUT, it has to be set up in the Alarms APP & have that open simultaneously & separately from the Calendar which, is, still, @ the Sys Tray corner. And the (new) Calendar is way too unnecessarily big (huge) *

As soon as I discovered this I said "nope" & took an 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' attitude. For the above reasons *, I, still, prefer the existing.

The only thing I don't show is the new Calendar (because I am not using it... it's, really, large. W/out the clocks, the new Calendar is, @ least, 4x the dimensional area of the existing Calendar that I do show. And the Alarms APP is available whether using the existing OR the new Calendar... as stated, the 2 are separate.

Oh, ignore the clock @ the top-left... has nothing to do w/ this discussion.