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    Question AAAAA! Pulling my hair out. Network session password help needed

    Hi peeps, noob here in need of some help.

    So i am here in China and to jump the silly firewall i bought a VPN connection. This was set up via connection to a workplace in w8.1. All good except my old email address was deleted by myself without making a copy of the password that was used for the connection. I am still able to connect to the session but i wish to find the password so i can use it on another computer (ipad).
    The problem is if i go to manage user certificates i can view the session but the password is behind asterixes and i am unable to view the passwords anywhere. Tried there and in network and sharing.

    I have another main admin account on this machine but this does not have the connection session set up on that account although this account that does use the session does have admin privs.

    Any tech savs have any idea how to retrieve the password?

    Thanks in advance

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    Try these

    Always check for bundled unwanted extras when downloading and installing any new software and be sure to decline them. Use custom install when it’s available.

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