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    Win 7 forums - Possible memory problem

    I've long suspected a memory problem. Occasional crash dumps happening. Looking at the performance monitor, it shows 100 memory faults per second. This can't be normal?

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    Page fault/sec really depends on the software running, some are programmed to make relatively frequent/heavy usage of the page file. The Resource Monitor can help you track down which one(s) are biggest users, from Task Manager's Performance tab, click the Resource Monitor button, switch that to the Memory tab and sort by Hard faults/sec.

    Crashes (BSODs), are more likely to be 'bad' 3rd party drivers, hardware or software utility drivers; when memory is mentioned, it's often a specific memory space that's being interfered with or pointing to the wrong memory space allocation = driver 'interference'.

    I can try to analyse your crash data etc: carefully read and follow the instructions here and attach the required zipped folders to your next reply in this topic.

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