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    File|Send to selective disable

    This might only pertain to Word and Excel, but I'll make a single post here. We are distributing Word and Excel (Office 2000) files as attachments via a non-MS groupware application (Domino). The attachments are (largely) forms associated with corporate policies. In some cases, the forms are to be routed electronically, in others, the forms should be printed and returned, it depends on the particular policy. Is there any way to disable the abilty of the user to route a document or workbook with the "File|Send to" command at the individual file level? I did some research on this, and it appeared to me that this behavior is controlled by the MAPI.DLL (or equivalent) that is supplied with Outlook or Outlook Express, and that the only way to disable it would be globally, by uninstalling Outlook. Any ideas?

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    Re: File|Send to selective disable


    Perhaps you could customize the menu so that the File Send command is not included on the documents you don't want. In Word, you would have to create the document as a template, and make the customized changes on that template- otherwise, the changes would apply to, which is universal.

    If you wanted to go further, you could attach macros to the document or spreadsheet which replaced the Word commands- effectively disabling the commands. I haven't had experience though in the Send Mail commands- so I can't tell you what to call the routine. The problem with this approach though is that your client might had the security settings set such that macros are disabled.

    Just some thoughts

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