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    Transferring data between different webmail 'programs'

    The easy answer is to call the provider, I suppose, but I want to ask here as well in order to make sure all bases are covered.

    My wife's best friend is going through a bad divorce and thinks her husband is reading her email correspondence with her lawyer - but they use optimum online web mail, which has one main account for which you create sub-accounts for individual users, so he has access to the main account. I recommended creating a Gmail account so she can correspond without him having any access to her mail, but she already has substantial information with Optimum that she would have to reference at some point, so the solution would be to transfer the mail to her Gmail account and then stop using the Optimum email address, after deleting what she doesn't want him to have access to.

    The thing is, apart from forwarding every email to her new Gmail account, I don't know of a way to do a nice neat one-time transfer between accounts - and indeed I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a way to do it anyway. But if there is, I figure this community would know about it.
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    Gmail has an import function which MAY work with her current webmail. Just do a search on "import mail to gmail".


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