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    Windows 95/98 Game on Windows 7 box?

    I have the opportunity to buy a CD ROM-based game that was released for Windows 95/98 in 1997. Is there any chance I could get this game to play on my Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 computer? The PC is a Dell XPS 8700, and has a built-in DVD/CD player/recorder.

    For those interested, the game is called "Ceremony of Innocence" and is based on Nick Bantock's Griffin & Sabine book series.


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    It all depends. If the game is 32-bit, then it will probably run just fine. I'm still running StarCraft on Windows 8.1, and it is over 15 years old. If the game is 16-bit, or its installer is 16-bit, you won't be able to play it because you cannot run 16-bit software on 64-bit Windows. But there is hope, here are some options that worked for me.
    a) I play many of my old games using DOSBox ( This is mainly for games that run full screen, and ran either under DOS or Windows 3.x/9.x. Example: Warcraft II
    b) I play other games in a virtual machine. I use VirtualBox ( and create a 32-bit VM and install the game there. This is mainly for games that ran within a window under Windows 3.x/9.x. Example: Castle of the Winds

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