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    Gmail is painfully slow in Outlook 2010

    I've been using Gmail setup as Imap in Outlook 2010, but it's been really slow for the last few months. It takes a good 5 seconds trying to open a small email. Another good 5 seconds to delete an email. Hitting the down arrow to scroll through email pretty much locks up Outlook.

    I have it setup on 3 different computers. All are plenty powerful and do not act this way with a corporate exchange email account as well as a personal AOL email setup as imap. This lag only happens with gmail.

    Any idea what can be causing this? Even better, what can I do to fix this?


    Outgoing Server tab:
    "My outgoing server requires authentication" is selected. "Use the same settings as my incoming mail server" is selected.

    Advanced Tab:
    imap port 993, use SSL
    smtp port 587, use tls

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    Hello SmallBizTech,

    I would like to help you by giving you some basic information about slow connection of Gmail with MS Outlook. You have to do some changes in “Send and Receive groups” in MS Outlook. Firstly, open MS Outlook and Press “Ctrl+Alt+S”. A new pops up box will open, move on edit button and click it. After that a new screen will appear, select your Gmail Account and check “Download Header Only” except Inbox and Click “OK” button.

    For more information you can follow this link:

    Best of Luck

    Thanks & Regards
    Clark Kent

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