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    Outlook erases body of message when sent (2002)

    On a random basis, the body of my e-mail messages gets erased after I send the message. All that goes through is the header. Everything is fine when it goes to the outbox, but sometimes when it goes to the sent folder, there is no message in the body, just the header. This doesn't happen on every message, just some. No pattern to it.

    Anyone have any ideas? Microsoft didn't.

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    Re: Outlook erases body of message when sent (2002)

    This happens to me if I send a form message without changing it. The form doesn't go, and the recipient gets an empty message.

    Someone else had this problem during the past several months (in OL 2000), and I posted the same comment. I don't recall whether she/he got a solution, but you could try searching the board.

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