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    Catalog creation w/images

    Good afternoon,

    I am creating an equipment catalog. I have created a single table with all the data that I need including 2 fields with picture filenames associated with the individual pieces of equipment. What I'd like to do is create a report with the data I wish to include and insert the associated images. I have not added the images to the database but that is reasonable since this is a relatively small database and speed won't be an issue. I've found a number of ways to manually add the images but would like to automate the process since I already have the image filename with the equipment.

    Can you help a brother out?



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    Assuming each item is a record in the detail section of your report, I create a blank image control. Then in the Detail Section's Format event, I then use something like this:

    Me.imgItemPicture.Picture = txtFileLocation
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