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    Copying contacts from public folders (2000)

    I have many contacts stored in a public folder. Many of which have copies of files or emails attached. However, I want to make a copy of all these contacts (including pasted documents ) to my contacts in my personal folder. This will allow me to sychronise them with my IPAQ PDA.

    But. no matter what technique I try (either right click & copy or back up and restore using a pst file) I do not get a complete copy of all the contacts with files in my personal folder.

    If anyone has any clues to why this is happening or how I can synch. all contacts in a public folder to my IPAQ PDA, I would be very grateful

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    Re: Copying contacts from public folders (2000)

    Several things come to mind.

    First, you can lose attachments when you copy an item from one folder type to a different folder type. This is a documented "feature." If you can't work around this, here's a couple of options:

    There are some synch. utilities that can work with public folders. I don't know of any that work with iPaq, but maybe someone in the PDA forum does.

    Otherwise, if you want access to all the contacts, you can set up a "mirror" folder of the public folder under your favorites folder. This is a sub-folder directly under Public Folders. Exchange will synchronize contents changes from the public folder to the one under favorites. Your PDA synch. utility should be able to see the folder for you to set it up as a source. (Note, though, you may not be able to write changes from the PDA to the favorites.) To set this up just copy the public folder to the favorites folder.

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