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    I am having problems with my ISP because they keep telling me that I&nbsp;need more speed so I bought some temporarily for 3 months.&nbsp; On my wired PC I am getting 125 Mbps, but on my lap top I am only getting 20 Mbps.&nbsp; I asked them for a static IP address and they told me they only give static IP addresses to companies.&nbsp; So I am upset because my laptop doesn't move as fast as it should. I did an ipconfig and I got 192.168,1.8 and and in Device Manager&nbsp;I unchecked automatically detect DNS and I put in the numbers above, but it didn't work.&nbsp; Does anyone know how or where I can get a static IP?&nbsp; <br><br>Also, we bought our own Netgear router and bridged it to their Arris modem, and still no results.&nbsp; Does anyone know how I can get more speed without buying it?&nbsp; These ISP's are getting out of control<br><br>I hope someone can give me some advice.&nbsp; You can email me at <a href="">thesinger@Comc</a><br><br>Mystcal1&nbsp;&nbsp; <img title="Frown" class="inlineimg" alt="" src="images/smilies/frown.png" border="0" smilieid="11">

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    Static IP addresses are handed out by your ISP, there is nothing you can do. Why do you think you need a static IP address?

    Wireless speed is dictated by the wireless router and the wireless card in your machine. It is likely that you have an older laptop with a wireless card that is only capable of running that fast. What model is the laptop?

    cheers, Paul

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