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    Lightbulb Quasi-solution to loss of forum width: Use FF add-on

    I hit on a decent quasi-solution to the forum's loss of the Lounge style/appearance.

    I use Firefox with the NoSquint Site Settings add-on (extension), so I tried messing around with that. I've left the main forum with its narrow column of headings, as it was not quite as amenable to adjustments.

    Once I go to Forum|New Posts, however, I then set up an exception for, moving the Full zoom level counter-intuitively way to the left (decreasing overall size), and then moving the Text zoom level slider to the right (increasing text size).

    I've regained most of the width lost by the Forum's recent software update, albeit with a bit of crowding in the headings above the New Posts threads, but at that point, I'm only looking through the posts themselves. It's a MAJOR relief to be able to read the posts in something besides a very narrow column of text -- nearly back to the previous wide format.

    So for those who use Firefox (or Pale Moon or other fork), this could be a solution to consider.


    ETA: ....and I see that the emoticons are wee little things now. Ah, the sacrifices we make in life.
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