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    Converting mdb from 97 to 2000 (97 SR1)

    I have several databases in Access 97 that I eventually need to convert over to 2000. I have made extensive use of DAO in several of them, which won't convert to ADO using the wizard in 2000. Does anyone know of a good reference I could use that describes how to convert DAO to ADO? Since I'm a self-taught access programmer, I'm looking for a blow-by-blow description that will get me started - once I've done this a few times I think I'll be OK.

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    Re: Converting mdb from 97 to 2000 (97 SR1)

    I would recommend that you not try to convert all your code to ADO. ADO is a wonderful object model but very frustrating when you have to deal with Access-specific objects like forms and controls, and it is sometimes much slower than DAO in certain situations. DAO works just fine in Access 2000, which gives you some breathing room to learn an entirely different object model that is just similar enough to drive you <img src=/S/nuts.gif border=0 alt=nuts width=15 height=15>!

    There is a white paper on the MS site and take a look at <A target="_blank" HREF= view=&sb=&o=&vc=1#Post49818>this thread</A> as well.

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