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    Extract info from multiple Outlook mails to Excel

    My mail server sends me mails when a spammer tries to send ail illegally through the smtp. This happens on a very regular basis, and I get between 5 and 15 mails a day.

    Each email contains the IP Address source of the spammer.... nice! I can use this to block access to the mail server for those IP addresses that are repeat offenders. The problem is that I have now got over 700 emails with information in them relating to the IP Address of potential spammers.

    What I need is a means of searching through the Outlook folder that I have stored these mails in, and extracting just the IP address from each email, and putting that into an Excel spreadsheet, so I can identify the repeat offenders and can then block them.

    Does anyone have an idea how I can do this?

    Here is a sample of the text in one of the emails - they are all the same....

    Critical System Messages

    MailEnable has recorded a critical system message.

    Value: Abuse detected from by [SMTP] for test

    I want to extract the following:
    • Date of email
    • Time of email
    • SMTP
    • test

    and put them into a spreasheet with these headings:
    • Date of email
    • Time of email
    • Source IP Address
    • Protocol
    • Username

    Thanks so much!

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    I applaud your efforts but think you are barking up the wrong tree and making more work for yourself. Spammers only use IP addresses for a very short while because the automated detectors report them and ISPs block them. You are duplicating this effort for short term benefit. I would not even bother with the email reports because spammers quickly learn your server is not a relay and go away - they use automated detection of open relays.

    cheers, Paul

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