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    OR expression help (97)

    OR expression help

    I setup a query to receive multiple criteria against at least one of 3 fields.

    My criteria are the name of controls on a form, 3 controls total.

    I specified different combinations of my criteria (controls) in the query grid, 7 rows total.
    In 3 rows, I specified a combination of 2 of the controls only. The 4th row has all 3 parms included and the last 3 rows have a single parm, one for each field.

    Access says it

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    Re: OR expression help (97)

    You would have to post the SQL (which sounds ugly) to get a definitive answer, but the usual reason for this is that you have forgotten that *all* of *each* row is a single "and" statement. That means that conditions in one row may be overridden by conditions in another row. Keep in mind that if you don't specify a criteria in one of the lines, that means that when the other conditions in that row are met, all values in the other fields are acceptable.

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