Ok... we are in the dark ages here. We have one program that was written specifically for OS/2 and I have several users at remote sites duel booting OS/2 and Win98. And... I have one heck of a problem with one of them. Here's the issue:

User was working merrily along one day, rebooted his computer and bam... OS/2 error config sys line 174 error and froze. He then tried to boot to Win98 and no domain server was found. I did all the usual: Check plugs and ports... reseated the card. Couldn't be the drivers or software... it happened on both os'. So he shipped in his computer and, while I got different OS/2 errors I couldn't hit the network with either os. Put in a new network card... bing! Everything was fine.

Now... user has had his machine back for 2 days. 1st day all is well and no issues. 2nd day... OS/2 Warp errors on boot: BASEDEV=IBM22514.sys ignored. Will boot fine to the network in Win98.

In my research I can find no reference to this error code but suspect it has to do with the pcmcia drivers.

Any one know anything about OS/2 out there??? HELP!


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