I'm helping a friend who owns a small bakery and sells his wares at a rented retail location. I'm building an Access database to collect customer special orders. Next he'll need a device that his employees can use at the retail site to take special orders. He keeps a Dell laptop at the bakery, but he has nothing of that sort at the retail location. We've talked about getting an 8-inch Insignia tablet (Best Buy's house brand).

At $119, the Insignia product certainly fits the budget. It runs on Windows 8.1, but I want to make sure it will do what we need to do. Has anyone here tried to run Office 365 on this or a similar device? I intend to run an Access database on it. We will not need any 3G/4G connection—WiFi will work just fine.

One more big question: This is a touch-screen device. My database works with conventional keyboard and mouse, but I'd like to hear about your experience using a touch-screen device with an Access database.