This is absolutely just for the hell of it. Not to have anyone tell what is wrong (or right), not something to judge & no strings attached... none of do it this way... merely casually sharing. Just sharing NOT, telling anyone what to do! Ok, now, that said...

I like things very handy & efficient, organised, centralized, as tidy & direct. Maybe, there's far better ways, lord knows there are a million ways. Could never do this / have this w/ the default Build 9926 Start menu... I admit to using, preferring the pre-9926 Start menu.

Anyway, w/ the Applications window, nice, instead of > Start & scrolling a list.
The rarely used/needed/opened Start menu nice & small
The big caveat being the Jumplist - Rt Clk Applications Folder icon <--- suggest there is value there, neat hub.

Oh, the lower row of icons is Links/Favorites Bar.

Screenshot (9).JPG Screenshot (11).JPG Screenshot (12).JPG

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