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    VBA ACCESS 2010 Need help with setting a listbox.selected to the right position

    I have an unbound listbox on a form that is based on a table.
    The listbox is based on the records in the table (First Name Last Name) and is ordered alphabetically. The listbox runs a macro that selects the record after update.
    I have a button that allows a user to add a new record and a save button that saves the record and re-queries the list box so the new name is added into the list.
    I want to end with the new record selected in the list box. However the position in the list box will not be the same as the record number. I need help finding a way to identify the position of the new record in the list box so that I can select it using VBA.
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    Here's some test code that will loop through the items in the control and return the position in the list of the matching item. You should be able to adapt it to your needs.
    Private Sub Command93_Click()
       Dim zFind As String
       Dim zTest As String
       Dim iLstCnt As Integer
       Dim iCntr   As Integer
       zFind = InputBox("Enter Syntax Type")  '*** Only for testing you'll pass in the new item value ***
       iLstCnt = Me.lboxSyntaxTypes.ListCount   '*** Substitute your listbox name here and below ***
      '*** Note The item array runs from 0 to count -1 ! ***
       For iCntr = 0 To iLstCnt - 1
          If zFind = Me.lboxSyntaxTypes.ItemData(iCntr) Then
    '*** You can replace the message box with command to select the item ***
            MsgBox "Item found at position: " & Format(iCntr, "##"), _
                   vbOKOnly + vbInformation, "Location of Selected item"
          End If
       Next iCntr
    End Sub
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    I'm hoping the table behind the listbox has a PrimaryKey. If so, that should be part of the rowsource of the listbox (make it a hidden column), and the listbox bound column property should be set to that column. After requerying the listbox, just set the listbox = PK of record you just added.
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