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    8.1 Mail app w/out MS account


    Don't believe I am the first to ask but could not find an appropriate thread.

    I am brand new to 8.1 coming from win 7. Setting up up a new machine.
    trying to do email but can't see how to do so without a MS account. Want to keep all my email accounts local.
    I do not have have 8.1 pro so I am unable to use the group policy workaround.

    How can I set up Win Live mail without involving MS?


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    Quote Originally Posted by smylekyle View Post
    ...How can I set up Win Live mail without involving MS?...
    I used WLM for about a year after upgrading from Vista to Win7 until I became fed up with the "M$ Account" and "SkyDrive" nonsense whenever I tried to send emails with attachments.

    After some googling I switched from WLM to Mozilla Thunderbird which I am very pleased with.

    Have also set up Thunderbird for many customers during the past several years, with few problems.
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