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    Question Want tablet app to display doc and allow temporary markings on it

    Hello All:
    Now that Tablets have gotten big enough to display a full page (8.5" X 11"), I have a Hobby (Gaming) use for it.
    I would like to display a single page of information and then place marks on the page as events happen.
    Custom marks would be nice, but not needed.
    I will need to be able to use other features of this tablet and then come back to the still marked document.
    It would be nice if I could have several documents setup like this.
    The base documents are all .PDF files right now, but that can be changed.

    Now if I wanted to dream, these documents are scenario setup sheets, links from the counter description to the counter/unit information in the rules would be awesome.
    Add on links to the rules sections that might be changed or of special interest, and a data base of the scenario information to allow searching by subject or tags would be awesome.
    I am wiling to do lots of work on this, but I would be learning from ground zero if I had to do any coding (I have not coded in a VERY long time).

    Thank you all,

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    Try Word for Android to create the documents you need (for custom symbols you have Webdings) - assuming that your tablet runs Android of course. Android is the most popular tablet OS and you didn't specify which OS you have, so I'm guessing.

    As for database access, some suggestions are here

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    PDF Annotator is a very nice PDF annotation app, that supports adding handwritten notes to PDF documents. These notes are saved with the documents and can be easily erased, as well.

    PDF Annotator runs on Windows 8.x, so any Windows based tablet should work fine. I started using it back in 2005, with Windows XP Tablet edition. These days I don't need to annotate over PDF very frequently, but it is still my preferred PDF annotation app.

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