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    Stingrays; cell site simulators

    I've only just learned about stingrays, or cell site simulators (which can locate your smart phone for the police or others). Is there an effective and practical way to block these things?

    Thanks, Dan.

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    And have it function? No. It is just another tower to a phone and it will immediately try to interact with it as you pass by logging the phone's unique ID#, time, signal strength and any other phones in the area at the time.

    Supposedly it does not record conversations if the phone is currently being used; but since the Snowden docs show the FBI teaching police depts to literally lie to judges about its use, capabilities and they fight like heck to keep a Scorpion's capabilities under wraps to the point of sweetheart plea deals offered to truly violent offenders just so they won't have to release the info to defense attorneys...I don't know.

    Personally I would not worry about it. The information above is logged by normal towers anyway and could be used to track your path. Plus I am not sure how much longer these Scorpions will be used since the local PD can now mount the equivalent on a small Homeland Security funded drone and survey an area cataloging the same info faster and on a much wider path.

    Now if you don't care that nobody can call you at that time then you can remove the battery or place your cell phone in a Faraday cage. This is simply surrounding the electronic device (cell phone in this case) with metal or metal mesh screen. Lunch box, tool box, aluminum foil, metal screen material. You can check if it works by trying to call the caged phone.
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