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    Ken Kashmarek

    Thumbs down Windows 10 machinations

    I ran across this jewel on MajorGeeks:

    The writer is asking about the absence of a "live CD" option for trying out Win10. He makes a good point.

    I have run afoul of Microsoft in a different way on my install of Win10TP. As with Win8, you can install it using a local ID for login. The need for a Microsoft account ID can be bypassed the same way as with Win8 (production and the early releases). However, Microsoft puts the screw to you if you want to comment on the Win10TP you are testing. They collect data from your activity, but won't let you provide feedback UNLESS you login with a Microsoft account and join the Win10 developer or early testing group. Yeah, their claim to taking feedback is only from the ones they allow to send feedback.


    The recent announcement that production (golden release) of Win10 will require Windows Hello and Passport, very likely requiring a Microsoft account, is disturbing. According to material posted on the web, Windows Hello is applicable to devices that are equipped with appropriate sensors for bio-recognition, such as to eliminate passwords (if no such devices exist, Passport takes you to the old standby, passwords). The sensors currently include fingerprint readers and a new one, infrared cameras. Here is the kicker: at login time, if such devices exist, you must validate that you have in your possession the specific device (computer, tablet, phone et al) that your sensor data is associated with, or no login. This implies, potentially, a separate Microsoft account for each computer that is so equipped.

    Thus, new Win10 enabled computers will be equipped with infrared cameras, which are likely to be used much in the way some Smart TVs use them (or like the xBox console). Further, Microsoft will maintain a database of such face recognition results, associating that face with users, and quite possibly be forced to share that information with the overloads running the large scale data collection on the planet.

    Then, of course, there is the recent announcement by (Microsoft hating) Google, quick on the trail of the Windows Hello face recognition announcement, that they have "near perfect" matching with thei own face recognition software.

    So, it appears that former "don't be evil" joins forces with "has always been evil" to do the dirty work of the massive monitoring government agencies to create entrapment (read quicksand) opportunities for honest law-abiding citizens.

    What's recognition, blood sampling for DNA recognition...?

    Or, is it all fear mongering? FUD?

    Myself, I can't think of a better way to kill Win10. Further, I fully expect that the Win10TP data collection of your activity will continue ad infinitum in order to appease the overlords. Google is in the same basket, they just have different data and probably more of it.

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    Ken Kashmarek
    Well, Microsoft came up with a better way to kill Win10...

    OEMs Allowed To Lock Secure Boot In Windows 10 Computers

    Of course, we all know that Microsoft's objective is to keep dual boot and Linux off these computers, but now they will blame the OEMs.

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