Hey Y'all,

I just got an email from WinPatrol (a program that I use and endorse) that they will be going to a subscription fee but until the end of the month you can still get a lifetime license.

Ability to purchase a Subscription free licensing ends March 31st.

Because I'm not one to hide from news that some may not like, I'm putting this at the top of the email.

Tell your everyone you know. The ability to purchase subscription free licensing ends March 31st, 2015.
For everyone who purchases a license on or before March 31st, 2015, we will honor your subscription free license entitling you to free updates in perpetuity.
As an existing customer, nothing will change for you!
If you purchase a new computer, so what. You have a license
If your computer crashes and you replace it. No big deal, you have a license.
If you lose your license, write to us. We'll tell you what it is.
If you buy a second, third, fourth or fifth computer, great! You're covered.
Why are we doing this?
Without the additional revenue from annual renewals we cannot compete with everyone else. That has become apparent.
We've brought in a few people to help us update the PLUS data, only to have them leave very quickly to go elsewhere for more money.
I don't want to have to outsource to get help with email support! I want them to report to me as my employee. This guarantees you'll continue to get the quality of support you've grown accustomed to and not be subjected sales pitches for other products when you simply want the help you deserve.
This is not an act of greed. This is an act to guarantee your lifetime license for WinPatrol and WinPrivacy truly does last your lifetime.
Tell everyone you know.

Use coupon code "lastchance" (no quotes) to get 25% off a license that lasts forever!

Coupon valid through March 31st, 2015.
Just thought I'd let you know in case you are interested. HTH