Once you have created a number of, any number of Desktops:

1. You can move across them & back again by Ctrl+Win <--- OR --->

2. Hit the Task view icon; now you can move items, Universal APPs, browser windows, word docs, etc. (open windows) from one Desktop to another. There are 2 ways... (1) Rt Clk on the item you want to Move & pick the new, different Desktop for it OR (2) Drag & Drop. The Rt Clk, also, offers New which, starts (creates) that item in a new Desktop OR Drag & Drop on the New Desktop (+) icon (@ the right of the screen).

3. You can grab any browser, in any Desktop via the IE icon on the taskbar.

4. Alt+Tab will show all windows across all Desktops.

Personally, I recommend this Feature of Windows 10. Can, really facilitate being nicely organised. Can have common themes, groups or 'families', topics or areas of commonality in their own Desktop instead of having everything mixed up together in one. I have used it daily since the onset of using Windows 10 some 5 months ago.

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