Hi, I am working my way through the fabulous Directory Merge Tutorial. My merge is working for the most part, but I can't figure out how to do one thing. I guess I am trying to combine parts of "Merge Records by Category Using Two Keys" and "Send Each Category to a New Page." My first Key is the Addressee of the person getting the letter, and the 2nd Key is the Fund of donations made in the name of the Addressee's relative. What I would like is for a new page to start on each Addressee, as in:

"Minnie Mouse
2 Cheese Way
Disneyland, CA 90026

Dear Minnie,

Gifts have been made in honor of Mickey Mouse to the following funds by the following donors:

Cheese Preservation Society
Donor 1 Name & Address
Donor 2 Name & Address

Rodent Freedom
Donor 1 Name & Address
Donor 2 Name & Address"

Right now I am getting a new page on each Fund change, which means in the above example Minnie would get 2 letters, one with donors to the Cheese Preservation Society and one with donors to Rodent Freedom. Am I putting the page break in the wrong place? How would you do it using the tutorial code as an example?

Thanks for any advice!