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Some time, @ least back during 7, I had pretty much quit using the Start menu. Had Quick Launch & some ways to easily access things that rendered frequent Start menu use unnecessary.

Win8.1 has none. And, whilst NOT using its Start screen nor any 3rd Party start things... absolutely, no problem.

Anyway, many wanted a Start menu. Along comes Win10 and a Start menu. Of course, many then, say it's not good enough. Now, there is one that was wanted but, now, IT gets criticised. But, aside from the fact that one can put whatever one wants on it and it offer an All Programs (Applications) list one can scroll...

There is this:

An Applications window; instead of hitting Start menu & scrolling through a list.
The Desktop Toolbar. All (default & assigned) desktop items, and expanding, drill-down, paths. (And no icons, actually, showing on the Desktop)
Jumplists, pinning and Quick Access are in the mix, too, of course. OR can be... oft more than one route w/ Windows.
And IF Taskbar Search is not used, Start menu opens for Search via Win key or hitting Win logo. Other than that the SO NECESSARY Start menu is only seen VERY rarely.

Basically, prefer an Applications window & Desktop Toolbar to (any) Start menu that allegedly is SO imperative to have or that must be improved.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Start menu... it didn't get used.

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PS: Title inspiration is "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" from 1966 and is a bit of a pun, too, as a bonus.