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    internet interference Problem

    My desktop computer has a program that continuously accesses the internet making it so slow that you can't really use the internet. If I turn the desktop off and use my laptop, everything is fine with the internet. How do I locate this culprit? I've used several spyware/malware programs and it apparently is something these programs did not see. The access is continuous whenever the computer is on.

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    During the past several months I have attended several customers who were having the same problem. In most cases the customers had installed a file-sharing program like "uTorrent" or "BitTorrent" not realising that such "torrent" downloaders not only download the wanted file, but "seed" the file for download from their computer by other Internet users, hence the constant network activity.

    In a few cases the customer had installed one-or-more "cloud-sharing" program(s) like "DropBox", "OneDrive", "iCloud", etc., but did not properly understand that such programs upload whatever data is placed in their storage folder to the program's Internet server; if the customer copied several GB into the program's storage folder it could take many hours for the data to upload.
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    Try Nir Sofer's CurrPorts to see what processes are connecting to the internet. To get the fullest information, read the The 'Remote IP Country' column section and also download the latest IP To Country file and GeoLite City files to the same folder you extract CurrPorts to.

    Run CurrPorts as Administrator (within CurrPorts you can always use CTRL+F11) as this gives you the ability to close processes and change the options to give you the most info. My options look like this:

    Click to enlarge

    Make sure you set an Auto Refresh interval (I tend to use 4 seconds - ALT+4) from the Options menu.
    (The options are persistent and saved as a .cfg file in the folder you ran CurrPorts from.)

    One of the most useful columns is Process Path as this shows which executable is responsible for each process. If you need help, select HTML Report - All Items in the View menu. This will create a report.html file saved in the folder you ran CurrPorts from and which you can attach to a reply.

    PS - You may well be surprised how many connections your PC (and laptop) make to the internet!

    Hope this helps...

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