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    Turning off Internal SATA drive

    Turning off internal SATA hard drive

    A friend has installed a switch in his desktop computer which allows him to turn on or off 4 installed SATA hard drives.

    The question is, can he turn on or off drives while the computer is running? For example, can he turn off drive E, and how will this effect drive F?

    My suggestion was that Windows 7 would need to reconfigure if he did that while the computer was running. Another friend says Windows will just adapt and rename drive F as drive E and just carry on working. He says it would be the same as plugging in an external drive through USB.

    Any suggestions on what would happen in this instance?

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    If you want to turn off a drive while Windows is running, use the " Safely remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon in the system tray first to make sure all previous cached writes will finish first. All hard drives except for C should be listed. Obviously Windows will no longer be able to access drive E and it will have no effect on drive F. It won't rename it.


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