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Thread: Windows updates

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    Windows updates

    Thank you, Patch Lady for giving us wonderful information.

    However, there are always updates that are not listed either in the category 'install' or 'do not install' Are those safe to install.

    Patch Lady has stated that we should download .net updates only if our computer needs them. How do I know if my computer needs them. There has not been any recently.

    I have Win 7 and a mouse driven Win 8.1. Updates are in Control panel.

    Is there any way of enlarging the text or printing the page out.


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    In Susan Bradley's master Patch Watch chart, all .NET updates are safe to install at this time.

    However, as she says on the page, safe doesn't mean "problem free"...just that it does not cause serious installation issues or conflicts.

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    So far, I've installed all .net updates -- no problems there. All security and nonsecurity updates, I do in bunches of 4-5 on the average, then restart and test with my normal doohickies.
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