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    Word 2010 prompts to change Normal template every exit

    There is a very old thread on this which I read. from December 15, 2011. I tried all the suggestions there to no avail. This post may help someone.

    After reading that thread, something made me think about Styles. I went to the Manage Styles HOME|Styles (click the arrow in the bottom right)|Manage Styles (there are 3 icons at the bottom, click on the one on the right). I saw several styles that indicated "(Auto update)". You may need to click on the "Edit" tab to see all the styles. There may be a better way, but I selected each style that said auto update; clicked Modify; deselected the Auto update block and selected the block for New Documents Based on This Template. When done, close Word. Agree to the changes to the global template.

    Before, I would open Word and close it immediately then be prompted for changes to the global Normal template. This problem is now fixed.

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    Uncheck the highlighted setting should fix it.
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    Unchecking that box gets rid of the alarm. This is like taking the batteries out of your smoke detector because it keeps going off! It's fine to do this if the problem is the smoke detector, not such a good idea if the problem is an electrical fire. The changes to normal query only goes off if there have been changes to normal!

    See Add-Ins in Microsoft Word and Finding the Normal Template.
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