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    Excel 2010 - How do I change the DEFAULT tab color?

    My company just issued me a new desktop and laptop, both Lenovo. On the laptop, the Excel tabs are dark grey, which is what I have always seen. On the desktop, they are white. It is impossible to tell if multiple tabs are selected.

    Is there a way to change the tabs to be dark grey so I do not have to manually change them whenever I open or create a workbook?

    Thank you!

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    Try this:
    Format a blank workbook with the tab colours you want, then save it as the default template:

    Open Excel with a blank workbook.
    Format the blank file with all options desired.
    For example, set margins, sheet tab colour, any headers or footers etc.
    Make sure to remove any values you entered in cells to test formatting (unless you want them to appear in every blank workbook).

    Once your changes are made, click on the File tab and choose Save As.
    From the "Files of type" drop-down list, select "Excel Template (*.xltx)".
    Change the file name to "Book."
    Set the "Save in" location to the XLSTART folder.
    This folder is typically located in a path similar to
    C:Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office14/XLSTART.
    Click Save.

    Quit and re-open Excel.
    The blank workbook should now contain the formatting you previously set.


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