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    10049 Install Stuck At 70% For 21 Hours Now

    Used standard update procedure (Windows Update, Fast Ring). Seemed to be cruising for the first few hours other than a short stall at 30%. But the install has been hung at seventy for nearly a full day. I'm afraid I know the answer, but is it even possibly safe to interrupt the install at this point and start over?

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    "That's why it's called TESTING", because all versions won't work on all Computers.

    I have 9926 installed and running great on an old Dell laptop, with an Intel cpu.
    I just tried to do a Clean install of 10049 to the same PC and the install, went through the setting of the WiFi, and after that went to a white screen, that seemed like it would never come back.

    I could only suspect it's a video driver problem. Well, anyway I restored a Backup copy of 9926 and all's well again.

    Now I'm going to try a Clean Install of 10049 to a somewhat newer HP laptop with an AMD cpu, and see what happens.
    That is, just as soon as Ghost is done backing up 10041 on that little lappy.

    Still TESTING!!!
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    Experience is truly the best teacher.

    Backup! Backup! Backup! GHOST Rocks!

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    No, no harm, no foul. Use the 9926 ISO & get that up & running. Set it to Fast track. Look for 10049 via WU. And proceed from there, that way.

    This would be my current suggestion.

    Be different if was 'sitting' @ 100%. Just quit & redo.

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