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    How to copy a data from another Workbook and create a graph in different workbook?

    Hello everyone!

    I need a help to draw a conditional graph in excel using vba.
    I am using the two excel workbook for that. 1 is the tool in which I want to display a graph and the another one is Net ernings Log from which I want to take the data and create the graph in Tool workbook.

    Excel Work book 1: Statement Tool,
    Sheet Name: Merchant: Creating a tool. On cell A27 the graph should display

    Excel Work book 2: Net Earnings Log
    SheetName: Net Earnings : Displayed with TID No and Monthly earnings as in the sheet.

    Now I want to compare the TID No in workbook 2 with TextBox1 when it matches, the data displayed with months in Net Earnings should be selected for last 12 months and create the graph and display on the Workbook1 Statement Tool sheet named with Merchant.

    Kindly help on this.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
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