Here's a challenge for soneone who knows more than I do. I'm actually looking at how an application is going to run on a Citrix server, but since Citrix is pretty comparable to NT Terminal Edition, I'd figured I'd post it here. We have a VB application that a client is looking at purchasing and putting it on their Citrix setup. What I'm wondering is how NT Terminal Edition and Citrix handles users and their registry settings. Is it similar to how Win2000 handles those same types of settings for users? Our application writes it's settings to the HKEY_Current_User section of the registry. It will only allow for one instance of the application to be running at only one given time. This obviously isn't a problem on a local setup, as you run the application from your local harddrive, and if you try to run it when it's already running you get a message saying another instance of the program is already running. I know that during installs on Win2000 machines, we have to install the program seperately for each user, as we get some registry errors for users other than the one logged in at the time of the initial install. What we don't know is how Citrix, or NT Terminal with thin clients, would handle the application running from the server. Does each user get seperate registry settings so their could be more than one instance of the app. running at the same time? And is NT Terminal Edition something you can setup with the standard NT Server setup, or is it something totally different? I'm not real familiar with it right now, but could set it up if it's an option during setup of NT Server and try it out and see. Any thoughts?