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    Cool Kewl Feature (difference) Discovered in Win 10

    I had several such links as per the example below. Someone how they could be played & saved as MP4s and had mentioned several browsers but, not IE. Said if they used IE they got Quick Time Player window. I said, "Oh these will just start playing in IE & then Rt Clk & save as...". To which, I'm told, Oh no, IE needs plug-ins & will just playing something like WMP & no way to save natively. Well, obviously the two do not gibe.

    So, I went to 8.1 I had, ever, not had occasion previously to do this in 8.1 Sure enough, hit the link, starts playing via WMP & of course, there is not Rt Clk > Save as...

    Anyway, seems a kewl Feature & difference exists that I had not yet known. I'm sure I'm late to the game and y'll are aware of this, already. 5 months of using Win10 had no occasion to discover this one, until now.

    But, yes, natively, it does not avail this in 8.1 Windows 10 it can be done and just that quickly & easily. You are welcome to try it if you like & see the nice difference for yourselves.

    Hit the link, Rt Clk where it is playing & Save as... & the MP4 is put in Videos folder. No strings attached, no add-ons, no plug-ins, just slick & native. Then take the link & try the same thing in 8.1 (or earlier).

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