It is interesting to see the trend in contemporary computing... The 'continuity' & subtle similarities of 'look & feel' are manifesting in more & more places as time passes. These is a huge Thread in a Forum regarding "flat & square" vs round & 3D yet, it seems the latter is not going to be the way of the future. Have just discover a new, revamped website for Formula 1. Immediate though upon laying eyes on was... Oh my, it's like something that's blends right in w/ current Windows. Kind of a chicken egg thing... who is setting trends & who is following trends. But, sure is getting to look like what was new, different or even weird & unfamiliar is quietly & surely becoming the (new) norm.

This won't mean as much if one had never seen the 'old' Formula 1 website; but, now, this is the (new) home of F1.

I grant you the change, both amount & pace, over a short time, is staggering & a lot to grasp & accept. Fully understand we grow accustomed to things, our brains go on auto-reflex after time... there's a comfort in not having to think where, what & how. It's hard to leave Operating Systems, games, various software & programs that feel like old friends. And what the heck was wrong that we have to make new friends... but, technology is like a bullet train w/ no brakes. And our society & culture is driving it. We either get on board or watch it go taillights & dust. Point is it is not just a matter of some 'style' or approach to things as offered by Microsoft & Windows but, something permeating everything we touch & use in our most mundane to most high-level daily lives. Look @ things for the home, entertainment, security, kitchen, cars, heat, lights, AC, websites, the crazy cornucopia of APPs & plethora of devices to control or operate or co-ordinate or activities & business dealings... and more & more one can see an evolving commonality of 'fashion'. Buttons, icons, shapes, MOs. Take note of gismos on TV shows, exhibits @ CES, we don't realise sometimes what is around us or what is happening because we are in the very midst of it not, on the outside looking in but, it's not just Windows that is changing, there are changes akin which are widespread, all encompassing & impact on everything & everybody. Change can never be stopped & when the IT technology train stops, you either get on board or miss it because it waits for no one.

Today discovered the (CBC) has revamped its website, also. And the trend continues (to be adopted & expand)... it, too, has what I will call a Spartan style, now.

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