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    Cross Reference between 2 documents (Word 2000)

    I would like to create a cross reference that shows the page number of a Bookmark in another document. I would like for it to act like a cross reference to a Bookmark internally, i.e. it updates the page number when printing and is a hyperlink.

    I've looked through other posts and searched until I think it can't be done. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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    Re: Cross Reference between 2 documents (Word 2000)

    Hi, it can't be done, directly. However, it can be done by using an additional hidden bookmark. This is most-often used for getting consecutive page numbering for different documents. Take a look at the <A target="_blank" HREF=> IncludeText Field Tutorial</A> on my downloads page for an example.
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    Re: Cross Reference between 2 documents (Word 2000)

    Hi Mike:
    When I first looked at this, I thought it could be done for sure and maybe someone has some other ideas. As I understand what you want:

    1. You have a source doc & a target doc.
    2. The source doc has something (a line, paragraph, or graphic) that is bookmarked.
    3. You want a hyperlink in the target document.
    4. That hyperlink must jump to the bookmark in the source doc.
    5. That hyperlink must say something like "See X on page Y"
    6. Y must be the page number in the source doc, & update even if that page number changes in the source doc.

    I layed out the conditions like that for a reason. It might help others figure out a better solution.

    The only field that will satisfy 3 & 4 above is the hyperlink field. There is no switch that will refer to a page number in another document. However, you can edit the display text of a hyperlink field, so that it doesn't look like a URL, to accomplish 5 above.

    The only two fields that will refer to a page number in another document (5, above) are an INCLUDETEXT field or a LINK field. (Well, an RD field will bring in a heading from another doc to build it's TOC, but isn't a hyperlink & isn't flexible.) A LINK field will automatically update (6, above).

    I therefore looked for a solution by trying to combine the two fields.

    If you were to also put a page field in the source doc, you could copy it & Paste Special/Paste Link into your target doc, & change the character formatting to hyperlink. You would also have to add a "!" switch to lock the page field (so it refers to the source doc, not the target doc.) If you didn't want the page field to show in the source doc, you could change the font to white, but there would still be a blank spot there. You could also change the font to hidden, so long as you formatted the field properly in the target doc. In both the source & target doc, you would have to make sure that field shading was turned off.

    The syntax of your link field would be something like:

    { LINK Word.Document.8 "Catasourcedoc.doc" "page#BookmarkName" * charformat a r ! }

    So you end up with 2 fields: a hyperlink & LINK field.

    Yuk! Hope this gives you or someone else an idea. Personally, I think it's a mess, but maybe a
    VBA guru could make a userform that would ask questions & create this creature.

    You could also save this conglomerate as an AutoText entry & just edit the bookmark name.

    Let me know if you ever get this to work well enough for you...or if it doesn't.

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