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    Strange behavior in Chrome

    I have Chrome loaded in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe", and set up as a variable gChrome. I can load the browser from the var.

    I have another variable for Google calendar, gCal, which is located at

    There is then a third variable for Google contacts, gPeeps, which is located at

    All three vars run individually without error or incident.

    I can load the contacts using the two vars, so that the command-line is %gChrome% %gPeeps%, again, without incident.

    But, if I run the Calendar from the two vars, %gChrome% %gCal%, I keep getting an error that a download is in progress, and a warning about possible malware, and do I want to exit or finish the download.

    I always just exit out, but why am I getting this error, and, more importantly, how do I control or eliminate it?

    I cannot seem to get any kind of handle on this...

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    my chrome seems to phone home and update itself
    from time to time

    could yours be trying to do the same thing

    can you just start chrome normally
    and then go to the function you want
    without the problem

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