I just posted this thread (https://windowssecrets.com/forums/sho...089#post995089) in the Excel section, but I thought I'd ask for some guidance here. as well

I've included an Excel spreadsheet of what I'm looking for below.

I'm absolutely brand spanking new to databases and have only recently dowmloaded an older version of MySQL, but haven't even installed it.

I guess I'm lazy and want to search for things in a databse but would like to specify my search criteria in a dialog box of sorts to get the results desribed below.

I guess I'm looking for general guidance on what I should or expect?

Can a database do what I discuss below?
Do I have dialog boxes or search views where I can specify the parameters for the search?
Do I have to do command line SQL statements?
What are my potions?

I have also downloaded SQLite, but haven't used it either. Any general guidance would be appreciated.

Here's the scenario as posted on the Spreadsheet Forum section.

I have a table in the attached spreadsheet with employees and their rank in sales for every month.

Column A would has the employee names. Column B has the employee location. Columns C onwards have the months of the year, Jan, Feb, Mar, etc...

If I have 100 employees, then every cell within the table would show their rank in sales for that month, going from No. 1 to No. 100. In the attached spreadsheet I am showing only 4 employee names.

On another worksheet tab (Locations), I list the locations in Column A. The next columns list product types, computers, desks and pens. Each location shows the amount of items sold of each product in the corresponding cell.

What I'm wondering is if there's code, or a dialog box, I could search with that would do something like this:

1. Go to the locations table
2. Find all locations where - at least 50 computers were sold and 25 desks were sold
3. Go to employee table and get the employees whose rankings were in the Top 25 at those locations which met that criteria.
4. Print, or dump, the reuslts into a specified range or worksheet

So, for example, I might end up with the following output:

John Dow 4 17 23 21 13
Bob Smith 11 16 22 6
Mark Jones 3 8 4

Which you can see in the "report'section in the 1st tab.

All the people listed above work at locations which met the criteria (50+ computers and 25+ desks) and the numbers beside their names indicate their rank each time they were in the Top 25 of sales for the months where they were (!) in the Top 25. John was in the Top 25 5 times in the year, Bob was 4 times and Mark was 3 times.

I know this is probably pretty complicated. Right now the easiest things would probably be to have a dialog box which would let me choose the criteria, greater than this or that, etc... but if VBA code works, I'd be so (!) happy to try it!

For whatever it's worth, I've attached a 2003 file with some dummy data to illustrate what I'm thinking. It shows a section called 'Report' where I've slotted in the desired output. I know it's all kind of unpolished, but I'm just trying to flesh out an idea.

Like I said, I don't know anythng about databases, or how to build them. I just don't know and wanted some ideas.

Thanks, folks!

DEMO File.xls