I have struggled to find advice for copying Outlook 2010 contacts lists that worked for me. In case others are having the same problem, the following works and, of course, it's very simple once you know how! To copy an individual Contact or a Contact Group list in Outlook 2010, open the Contacts folder near the bottom left of the Outlook page, find the Contact you want to copy, right click on it and select Copy. Then use Control+V to paste it either into the same Contacts folder or into a different (or new) Contacts folder. (You have to use Control+V because if you do what you'd normally do, i.e. right click over a blank area, there's no 'Paste' option offered as you - or at least I - would expect.)
If you've copied a Contact Group and you want to give it a new name (maybe to update the year e.g.), open up the Contact Group, make the change in the name box at the top, and 'save'.