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    Inline Text received as winmail.dat file - Outlook 2003, Word 2003

    I have Microsoft Office 2003 (Outlook, Word,Excel, etc.)

    Over a year ago I switched the default email editor from the native to word. I did this because I discovered that there is a bug when IE 11 is used with Outlook 2003. Not sure which side the actual bug is on but what happens is that whenyou compose text in Outlook over a period of several minutes so that it needs to save the email, it for some reason discards all saves and uses the original text from before the first save.

    Manually saving the text does not correct this, but after researching it over several weeks I found that it is a known bug and there are 5 work-arounds to solve it. After trying all 5 work arounds I discovered that only one worked for me, i.e. to use Word as the default email editor.

    So I have been using Word as my email editor for about a year now without any problems.

    I just sent an email to multiple recipients (about 50 people) and one of those peoples aid they received my email as a winmail.dat attachment. Note I did not send any attachments, the full text was inline.

    I did asearch here on Windows Secrets and found several mentions of email attachments getting sent as winmail.dat. And one of those threads mentions Rich Text as being the culprit for causing this.

    I checked my Outlook Default editor settings and I am using Rich Text as the default.

    So I am a little curious and a little skeptical as well. Here are the points I find a little difficult to explain

    1. This is the first time anyone has said anything about receiving my emails as a winmail.dat attachment in about a year of using Word as my default editor.

    2. Back when I was still using Outlook’s default editor (i.e. not using Word as the editor), I also used Rich Text as the default font and never heard any complaints from anyone in over 5 years.

    3. I didn’t compose this recent email with any attachments. The full text was inline. All of the threads here in Windows Secrets relating to winmail.dat state that the sender had attachments that got changed to winmail.dat.

    4. Only 1 recipient has complained so far with this recent email.

    So something changed my email text to winmail.dat, but I am at a loss to know who or what created the winmail.dat attachment. Was it
    Outlook 2003,
    Word 2003,
    the recipient’s email client,
    the recipient’s email ISP,
    My ISP,
    something else?

    I can correct this problem with one of several different approaches. My reason for this post is more curiosity as to the real culprit here.

    Anyone have any clues?

    Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit – SP1
    Outlook 2003 – SP3
    Word 2003– SP3
    IE 11
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    I've not had the problem but you might check some of these pages, apparently others have the issue:

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