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    How do I troubleshoot a sleep issue?

    My computer used to sleep fine. Recently, it will no longer enter sleep mode. It is an HP P6-2378 tower running Windows 8.1 OS.
    Symptoms: Monitor screen saver activates, but computer doesn't enter sleep. If I restart the computer, it will successfully enter sleep for period of time (usually a few hours of use) before it will stop entering sleep again. I discovered that when it won't enter sleep, I can get it to go to sleep by unplugging the ethernet connector to the computer. Once it is sleeping, I can plug the ethernet connector back in and it stays sleeping. Once awakened for use, it will not re-enter sleep on its own.
    From these symptoms it seems that one of two things must be the cause;
    1) Something is coming in on the internet that keeps the machine awake, but the ethernet controller is set correctly not to awaken due to internet traffic. Or
    2) Some program that needs the internet is running and not allowing the computer to sleep. When the internet is not available, that program stops which allows the computer to enter sleep. As soon as the internet is available once again, that program reactivates and sleep is once again not possible.
    How can I tell what is keeping my computer from entering sleep? Icloud? Skydrive? Windows Defender? Something else? Any troubleshooting tips would be appreciated.

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    You might download and install the free program Process Hacker from Sourceforge...

    It's a little more streamlined than Resource Monitor and more powerful than Task Manager.

    I would keep an eye on the Processes and Network tab contents.

    If you see a suspicious process connected, right click on it, select Send To, and select Virustotal.ccom.

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    Try opening up a cmd window and type "powercfg /energy" You may have to move the resultant energy report file to the desktop to read it.


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